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Film Genre Crime

download film kriminal

Film Cold in July (2014)

Cold in July (2014) BRRipDownload Film Cold in July (2014) Gratis - BRRip Sinopsis:Cold in July (2014) ” When a protective father meets a murderous ex-con, both need to deviate from the path they are on as they soon find themselves entangled in a downwards spiral of lies and violence while having to confront

Film Jailbait (2013)

Jailbait (2013) BRRipDownload Film Jailbait (2013) Gratis - BRRip Sinopsis:Jailbait (2013)” Co-directors Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller reunite to bring Miller’s “Sin City” graphic novels back to the screen. Weaving together two of Miller’s classic stories with new tales, the town’s

Film Gods Pocket (2014)

God's Pocket (2014)Download Film Gods Pocket (2014) Gratis - BRRip Sinopsis:Gods Pocket (2014)” When Mickey’s crazy step-son Leon is killed in a construction ‘accident’, nobody in the working class neighborhood of God’s Pocket is sorry he’s gone. Mickey tries to bury the bad news with the

Film Plastic (2014)

Plastic (I) (2014) Sinopsis:Plastic (2014) ” Plastic is based on a true story where a gang of friends managed to infiltrate one of the biggest credit card companies in the World and pull off one of the biggest and most audacious Diamond Heists ever committed in British History. Plastic is Catch Me If Yo

Film The Rover (2014)

The Rover (2014)Download Film The Rover (2014) Gratis - BRRip Sinopsis: “The Rover (2014)” 10 years after a global economic collapse, a hardened loner pursues the men who stole his only possession, his car. Along the way, he captures one of the thieves’ brother, and the duo form an uneasy bond

Film Rampage Capital Punishment (2014)

Rampage Capital Punishment (2014)Download Film Rampage Capital Punishment (2014) Gratis - BRRip Sinopsis:Rampage Capital Punishment (2014)” A man takes over a TV station and holds a number of hostages as a political platform to awaken humanity, instead of money.   Keyword untuk film/halaman ini:sinopsi

Film Trailer Park Boys: Dont Legalize It (2014)

Trailer Park Boys Dont Legalize It (2014)Download Film Trailer Park Boys: Dont Legalize It (2014) Gratis - BRRip Sinopsis:Trailer Park Boys: Dont Legalize It (2014)” Recently out of jail and completely broke, Julian has a plan to get outrageously rich. However, he first has to deliver his product to Montreal where his riva

Film Brick Mansions (2014)

Brick Mansions (2014) BRRipDownload Film Brick Mansions (2014) Gratis - BRRip Sinopsis:Brick Mansions (2014)” An undercover Detroit cop navigates a dangerous neighborhood that’s surrounded by a containment wall with the help of an ex-con in order to bring down a crime lord and his plot to devastate the ent

Film The Reckoning (2014)

The Reckoning (2014)Download Film The Reckoning (2014) Gratis - BRRip Sinopsis:The Reckoning (2014)” When a detective is called in to investigate the roadside execution of his partner, he discovers at the crime scene a data card from a video camera. The card contains footage shot by two runaway teenage

Film Batman Assault on Arkham (2014)

Batman Assault on Arkham (2014)Download Film Batman Assault on Arkham (2014) Gratis - BRRip Sinopsis:Batman Assault on Arkham (2014)” menceritakan tentang Batman yang harus menemukan sebuah bom yang telah dipasang dan disembunyikan oleh Joker. Batman harus berpacu melawan waktu dan sekelompok penjahat mis